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Who Do I Call?

There are many helpful resources for you here in the SCV.
There are many helpful resources for you here in the SCV.

Well, actually, the question is, "Whom shall I call?" But let's move on.

You see a sprinkler shooting straight up in the air, there's a broken street light, or the neighbor's dog will not stop barking. Where do you turn?

Some of those answers depend upon whether the problem falls within, or outside, of the City of Santa Clarita limits. Yet, in some cases the answer is universal. If you are unsure where the City's boundaries are in relation to the problem you've noticed, start with the City and they'll send you in the right direction.

And, even though we live in one of the safest and most affluent cities in the nation, that doesn't mean problems don't come up. So we've tried to include a list to address most issues. Are you looking for something that isn't here? Drop us an email and we'll see if we can help you find it.

Or, dial 661-255-1121 from your cell phone.

Legal Questions

This amazing site answers general questions on just about every legal issue that could arise: immigration, accidents & injuries, civil rights, divorce & family law, traffic violations, small business and more. Find Law is supported by lawyers advertising on the site.

CITY OF SANTA CLARITA The City of Santa Clarita makes all of this extremely easy for you. You may call the different numbers listed below or fill out an online form using the City's eService system.

Codes and Ordinances

Can my neighbor park his RV in the driveway? (Maybe.) My neighbors tell me I have to cut back my weeds; do I? (Yes.) These answers and more!
Call Community Preservation with concerns, 661-286-4076.


Call the graffiti hotline at 661-25-CLEAN / (252-5326). Call the Sheriff's Department at (661) 255-1121 with the suspect(s) and/or vehicle description, including license plate number, if possible.

Parking Tickets

Shoot, you got a parking citation. Now what? Most of your questions can be answered at the link above, but you may also call 800-989-2058. (Please note that tickets for moving violations are handled through LA County Superior Court, 213-742-6648.)

A Pothole in City Streets

Street Maintenance, 661-294-2520


661-255-1121, SCV Sheriff's Dept.

Crazy Drivers in Santa Clarita

I know, you could be on the phone all day reporting careless drivers, but if you notice a particularly reckless young driver, call the Sheriff's Teen Traffic Offender Program (STTOP) at 1-877-310-STOP(7867) after noting the license number. A sheriff's deputy will be dispatched to talk with the individual. (If it is an emergency situation, Dial 911.)

Sprinkler, Broken

This one can be tough, because it depends if it is on private or public property. Note the general address and start with Urban Forestry at 661-294-2500.

Traffic Issues-Other

Neighborhood speed issues, a request for traffic signs or a crossing guard, contact the City's Traffic Division at 661-286-4061, or by email.

Los Angeles County

Codes and Ordinances

Must I have my dog or cat revaccinated for rabies? When? (Yes, every 36 months, at minimum.) Can my neighbor keep a dismantled vehicle in his driveway? (Probably not.) Do I need a fence around my pool? (Yes.)

To report problems, call:

Animal Control, regarding concerns about rabies: 661-257-3191
Building & Safety, regarding abandoned vehicles: 661-222-2940
Sheriff's Dept, regarding fencing around pools: 661-255-1121

Parking Tickets

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Parking Enforcement Detail, 213-629-3919. (Please note that tickets for moving violations are handled through LA County Superior Court, 213-742-6648.)

Speed Enforcement

CHP, 661-294-5540

Street Maintenance

Dept. of Public Works, 661-257-4441

In or Outside the City of Santa Clarita Limits

Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse

Santa Clarita Medical & Mental Health Services">
24625 Arch Street, Newhall

Live Again Recovery Homes
Drug and alcohol rehab program
38215 San Francisquito Canyon Rd, Saugus

Barking Dog

You can make requests online by following the above link. The above links to the ONLY website where you can file an online complaint or concern.
661-257-3191 (Ask to speak directly to Castaic shelter)


If they are on public property, Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District should be notified. If they are on private property, you'll need to contact a private pest control company.

Bridges to Ability Foundation (formerly LetMeSail Inc.)

Offering social, recreational, and educational activities for differently-abled and their families and caregivers

Brush Clearance


Child Abuse Hotline

800-540-4000 or 213-283-1960

Child, Youth & Family Services


Childhood Cancer

661-250-4100 A community-based volunteer organization providing support services to local children diagnosed with cancer and their families.

Consumer Issues

The list is long. Please see our web page dedicated to these issues.

Counseling, Education, Support

Grace Baptist Church
Grace Baptist provides a place to help people who are hurting in two different types of settings. You do not have to be a member of the church in order to receive these services.
1. Care Groups - We have groups for grief, sexual abuse, anger, divorce, depression, substance abuse and more.
2. Spiritual Care - A safe place to talk with someone one-to-one about relationships, stress and more.
22833 Copper Hill
Santa Clarita CA 91350


Courthouse, Local


Coyote, Stray

See "Stray Animals" below.

DMV, Dept. of Motor Vehicles

1-800-777-0133 (You can avoid long lines by calling ahead!)

Dead or Injured Possom, Raccoon, or Rat

You can make requests online by following the above link. The above links to the ONLY website where you can file an online complaint or concern.
If it is alive AND in a trap or injured, Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control will remove it.

Developmentally Disabled Adults, LARC Ranch



Dispute Resolution Services

Invites parties to mediated sessions to avoid costly legal action.

Domestic Violence

Call 661-259-8175 or 661-259-HELP for the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita.

Emergency: Dial 911

Food Pantry

With rising costs, families may find themselves in tighter situations than anticipated. Our local food pantry is here to help. 661-255-9078

Food Poisoning or Food-borne Illness

You may leave a message on the Environmental Health Emergency Hotline at (888) 700-9995. If you wish to report an outbreak of food-borne illness by phone, please contact the Morbidity Unit at (213) 240-7821 (Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) or (213) 240-7941 (evenings and weekends).

Gas Station is Ripping Me Off

No, we're not talking about high gas prices. But if you think the pump is not accurately measuring the gas being dispensed into your vehicle, call 626-575-5472 (Agricultural Commissioner, Dept. of Weights & Measures).


Alcohol & Drug: 800-367-8336 (24 hour)
Baby Safe: 877-BABY-SAFE or 877-222-9723 (24 hour)
Breast Cancer, Early Detection: 800-511-2300
Child/Family Support Hotline (Statewide): 800-615-8858
Crime Report Hotline (Report gangs, guns, & drugs): 800-ATF-GUNS
Crisis Line, LA County (Anything you need): 211 (24 hour)
Domestic Violence Hotline: 661-259-HELP or 661-259-4357 (24 hour)
Elder Abuse Hotline: 800-992-1660 (24 hour)
Homicide Prevention (Teen): 661-259-9439 (Local 24-hour)
Pregnancy: 800-395-HELP (24 hour)
Rape Hotline: 661-253-0258 or 800-585-6231 (24 hour)
Runaways Hotline: 800-231-6946 (24 hour)
Sexual and Interpersonal Violence: 661-253-0258 (24 hour)
Substance Abuse: 800-367-8336 (24 hour)
Suicide Prevention (Teen): 661-259-9439 (Local 24 hour)
Suicide Prevention (LGBTQ Youth): 866-4-U-TREVOR or 866-488-7386 (24 hour)
Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-SUICIDE or 800-784-2433 (24 hour)
Teenline Online: 800-852-8336 (24 hour)
Troubled With: 1-866-914-HOPE or 866-914-4673 (8:00 am - 3:30 pm)
(Mention "Troubled With" when you call)


Bridge to Home
December through March, a homeless shelter is open in the Santa Clarita Valley. 661-388-0080
Salvation Army
Santa Clarita Valley Service Center 661-254-0070


Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital

Information Line

Dial 2-1-1, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
Provides information on all types of human services including adult services, counseling, legal assistance, financial assistance, training, and services for the disabled.

Jury Duty

213-974-5811, or 800-778-5879. Don't try skipping Jury Duty, as tough penalties have been imposed in L.A. County!

Law Enforcement

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Department
661-255-1121 Non-emergency, or call 911 in an Emergency.
23740 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Santa Clarita

Lost Pet

You can make requests online by following the above link. The above links to the ONLY website where you can file an online complaint or concern.
661-257-3191 (Ask to speak directly to Castaic shelter)

Missing Persons


Mosquitoes in Standing Water

Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other living creature. If you see a trouble spot, contact LA County Vector Management.

Motorist Aid

Dial 3-9-9 from your cell phone.

Poison Control


Pregnancy, Unplanned

23838 Valencia Blvd Suite #270
Valencia CA 91355
You're not alone; call 661-255-0082.

Rape Victims

Call 911 or the Valley Trauma Center Crisis Line at 661-253-0268.

Rat, Dead or Alive

Sorry, we can only advise you about the four-legged kind. If he's dead, you can make requests online by following the above link. The above links to the ONLY website where you can file an online complaint or concern. Or call 661-257-3191 (and ask to speak to the Castaic shelter) at Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control. If he's alive, you may either call a private pest control service, or 323-881-4046. LA County Vector Management.

Unfortunately, tree rats are as common here as squirrels in other parts of the country, so think twice about baiting to eliminate them. You may just end up encouraging more unwanted visitors.

Rx Prescription Disposal

"Where can I drop off my Rx or prescription meds?" you may ask. There is a 24-hour Safe Drug Drop-off box (similar to a mailbox) outside of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station. It is accessible seven days a week.
23740 Magic Mountain Parkway, Santa Clarita 91355

Safe Ride, Santa Clarita Valley

661-259-6330 Operated Friday and Saturday evenings from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am by teenagers, offering a ride home to teenage drinkers.

Senior Center

661-259-9444, provides congregate and home-delivered meals, recreational activities, lectures and education, telephone reassurance, trips and tours.

Sexual Abuse Victim

If you suspect that your child has been a victim of sexual abuse, call the Department of Children's Services (661-288-2700) or the SCV Sheriff's Station (661-255-1121).
Department of Children's Services

SCV Sheriff's Dept.


Snake Bite or Spider Bite

Dial 911. Or from a cell phone, 661-255-1121. Henry Mayo Hospital is the only location in our valley with antivenin.

Snake on Your Property

661-257-3191 (Ask to speak directly to Castaic shelter)
You can make requests online by following the above link. The above links to the ONLY website where you can file an online complaint or concern.
In the summer months, Animal Control removes about 30-40 snakes a day, and most of these are rattlers. Don't try to remove it yourself; call for help. Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control will come out and remove the snake--dead or alive. If for some reason they are not available, you should know that general pest control companies, such as Orkin and Terminix, do not remove snakes. Orkin recommends Snake Removal (800-339-9470) and Terminix recommends Animal Pest Management Service (800-344-6567).

Social Services (L.A. County)


Stray Animal

661-257-3191 (Ask to speak directly to Castaic shelter) or you can make requests online by following the above link. The above links to the ONLY website where you can file an online complaint or concern. Stray dogs will be picked up by Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control, but stray cats will not be picked up. (Owners may surrender their cats for a nominal fee.) Stray coyotes should be reported to Code Enforcement with the City of Santa Clarita, 661-259-2489. Contact the local sheriff (661-255-1121) to report an animal that is behaving aggressively toward humans.

A Street Light is Out

Southern California Edison at 800-611-1911

Support Groups

Provided by Grace Baptist Church. Call Fiona at (661)296-8737 Ext156 unless otherwise noted.

Divorce Care for Kids: Do you know a child in a separated home? Bring them for encouragement Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Divorce Care for All: Discover hope for the future after the pain of separation or divorce. Each week a new topic is discussed to help you find healthy ways to overcome divorce-related challenges and experience God's healing. We meet Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Finding Hope: Are you dealing with intense sadness and having difficulty managing anxious thoughts? Do you wonder how to handle feelings of depression? We meet Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.

Frazzled Families: Encouragement and support for families who have a loved one with a mental illness diagnosis or a special needs child. This group has limited spaces. We meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Grief Care for kids. Ages 5-18 years. Are you hurting because someone close to you has died? We want to come along your side. Group meets Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.

Grief Share is a group for people grieving the death of someone close. It's an opportunity to join others who understand the pain of your loss. We meet Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.

Healing the Wounded Heart (for women): Care for women who have been hurt by childhood sexual abuse. You will find comfort and encouragement to bring healing to your emotions and relationships with others. Join us Thursdays at 6pm.

Heart Longings (for women): For women who desire to honor God in their marriage even if their spouse is spiritually passive or not a Christian. By growing spiritually you can impact your spouse and therefore the relationship in positive ways. Space is limited, we meet Tuesdays at 9:30am.

Honorable Men: Honorable Men living a life of courage and respect by honoring God with the gospel and their commitments, as well as modeling integrity in their home and relationships. We meet Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Life Hope (for women): Encouragement for wives whose marriage and family relationships have been harmed and impacted by their husband's struggle with substance abuse. We meet Wednesdays at 9am.

Men's Substance Abuse: Breaking the stronghold of addictions cannot be done in isolation. Through encouragement and accountability and the help of other men who understand the battle, find hope in Jesus Christ and seek His truth to live accordingly. We meet Thursdays at 7pm.

Overcoming Frustration/Anger (for men): Understand and manage emotions that influence anger, such as frustration and fear. Learn healthy ways to express anger that leads to change and healing in relationships as well as receive encouragement and accountability. This group meets weekly for 8 weeks, Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Parents' Grief is for those grieving the loss of a child. Find comfort with others in a safe and loving environment to express yourself and journey together on the road back to joy. We meet Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

A Traffic Signal is Out

Santa Clarita Valley's Sheriffs Department at 661-255-1121

Youth Crisis Line (California)


Youth Project

800-920-9688 SCV Youth Project's mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where teens and families are strengthened, empowered and equipped with the tools they need to live successful and fulfilling lives.

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