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Voting Locations, Guides, Registration and Resources
in Valencia and Santa Clarita Valley

American Flag Helicopter

Find Your Polling Place and How to Register to Vote

Smart Voter by the League of Women Voters
Here you will find where to vote.

Elected Officials

Who is your congressman? How do you reach the mayor? It's all here.

Research the Candidates

California Candidates

Politics 1 keeps you informed on who is running for office in California.

Citizen Link Vote Your Values

Detailed information on where the candidates stand on propositions and family values.

Voters Guide

Election coming up? Check out this site for info on the candidates, provided by the State of California.

Congressman & Senators

Don't believe the rhetoric, check for yourself! Tootle through the archives of the Library of Congress and look up your representative's name to see what bills he/she has sponsored.

Judicial Nominees

The Judicial Election Evaluations Committee was formed by The California Bar Association. The committee delves into the professional careers and personal lives of judges up for election (or re-election) in Los Angeles County. Months of non-partisan research by volunteers results in a rating of judicial nominees, available to the public prior to elections. The link is for 2016.

MetNews on Judicial Races (Available prior to an election)

Metropolitan News Enterprise is a great resource when searching for information on judicial candidates. Easy to understand, it provides profiles for voters.

Judge Voter Guide

Recommendations by Superior Court for Los Angeles, Orange, Alameda, Fresno, Kern, Monterey, San Francisco, San Joaquin, Santa Barbara, and Santa Clara counties.

US Supreme Courts Cases on the Docket

Search or browse pending and decided cases.

Court of Appeals Judicial Biographies

2nd District, Los Angeles and Ventura County, photos and biographies of judges. While we can't find their ruling records, at least you can find out a little something about them here.

Easy Voter Guide

This site describes in plain English how the process works, the reason for the election, the issues at stake, and the candidates up for election. This could easily be a favorite resource.

Election Info

City of Santa Clarita Municipal Elections

If your home is within the City's boundaries, you'll need this info for City elections.

Vote Smart

This is the very best resource on the Internet that we've found. In plain English and easy-to-navigate web pages, you enter your zip code and will learn biographical info, voting info (opinions and cases for judges), veto history, etc. Info is available on federal and state levels.

California Elections & Voter Information

Register to vote, get election results, find your polling place, read candidate statements, and vote by absentee.

Learn More

Ballot Measures

Learn the details about the ballot measures, and view the updates if posted after the printing of the Voter Information Guide.

Supreme Court of the United States

Read the Constitution, court rules, opinions, orders and journals--and more!

Tax Tables

The Tax Foundation is a nonpartisan tax research group based in Washington, D.C, founded in 1937. In its seven decades the Tax Foundation has earned a reputation for its independence in gathering data and publishing information on the public sector in an objective, unbiased fashion. View historical tax tables dating back to 1913, and YOU be the judge of which political party provides tax relief for citizens.

Latest Polls

Get the latest Gallup polls. What do Americans think? What's the President's Job Approval Rating? What is the U.S. Investor Optimisim? Is Consumer Spending Up or Down?

More polling agencies here.

The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation is committed to building an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish. A conservative policy research and analysis think you don't have to.

If you like think tanks, here are some more.

Your Rights and What It Means to be an American

Time Off to Vote By State

As of 2008, California employees have the right to up to two hours to vote, if it is not possible to vote during their off hours. Follow this link for updates and a link to the California Elections Code.

US Government 101

This tutorial is informative, practical and easy, and is intended to help refresh your knowledge of American politics by providing useful information about Congress, political parties, campaign finance, the Constitution, elections, state government and much more.

Campaign Fund Contributors


Find out who's providing the financial backing for the candidates, propositions, and ballot measures.

Political Parties of Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita Valley Republicans

The online home of Republicans of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Democratic Alliance for Action (DAA)

The online home of Democrats of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Updated September 20, 2016

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