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Six Flags Magic Mountain & Hurricane Harbor Deals
Valencia/Santa Clarita
Official Authorized Reseller

Six Flags Magic Mountain Twisted Colossus
Buy your Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor tickets from a source you can trust!

Deals and Discounted Tickets and Hotel Packages Year 'Round!

Santa Clarita Guide: Your Trusted Source for Vacation Packages and Discounted Tickets
Discounted tickets and Hotel Packages for Six Flags Magic Mountain are offered in many places. Purchase them at an authorized source you can trust: Here on Santa Clarita's Official Guide.

Santa Clarita Guide, a member of the Santa Clarita Valley Tourism Bureau, has teamed up with Six Flags Magic Mountain and ARES (Advanced Reservations Systems) to bring the fun of Six Flags Magic Mountain within reach of your fingertips. Buying discounted Six Flags Magic Mountain hotel packages and tickets should be easy! For a convenient list of hotels near Six Flags Magic Mountain, visit our Hotels Page.

The Rides at Six Flags
Six Flags is a blast, with roller coasters and thrill rides for all!

But did you know that in addition to thrill rides Magic Mountain offers 25 rides just for children, plus Thomas Town and Bugs Bunny World?! Six Flags introduced their 19th coaster, Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers in 2014, along with their newly revitalized children's area.

Hotel Rooms near Six Flags Magic Mountain
Looking for the best Six Flags hotel packages? Look no further! We've listed them in one convenient location for you. Whether you are seeking a full-service or self-catering hotel, or an all-suite hotel room, you'll find Magic Mountain/hotel vacation packages here at the Official Information Guide for Valencia/Santa Clarita Valley!

How to Get to Six Flags Magic Mountain
The City of Santa Clarita provides information at this link on how to get to Six Flags Magic Mountain either using local (SCV) transit or traveling via the Metrolink.

Visitors Tips for Six Flags Magic Mountain
It can get HOT in Santa Clarita during summer months, sometimes reaching triple digits. But don't let that stop you! Below are tips to make your visit more comfortable:

Purchase a Flash Pass and skip the long wait in line. A limited number of Flash Passes are available each operating day and are sold separately from park admission tickets. The Flash Pass may be purchased at The Flash Pass Booth behind Guest Relations in the Six Flags Plaza.

At 4:00 pm, the temperature drops in Santa Clarita up to 40 degrees. Consider cooling off in your hotel swimming pool during the hottest part of the day, and returning to the park later in the afternoon. You may also notice a drop in park attendance as the evening progresses.

Restaurants/Dining Guide Near Six Flags Magic Mountain
While there is good food within the park, at last count there were over 400 restaurants in the Santa Clarita Valley--many within minutes of Six Flags. Check out our Restaurants Page for more information, including digital maps to each restaurant.

Money-Saving Tips to Visiting Theme Parks
Select a hotel with a free breakfast or a hotel with kitchen facilities. Even a mini fridge and microwave can save you and your family money by stocking it from the local deli.

Follow these Food Safety Rules for Packing Your Cooler. Keep in mind that on most summer days, temperatures in Santa Clarita will exceed 90 degrees, at which time the FDA recommends foods outside of a cooler will only last one hour (not the typical two hours you may have been told). Food in your cooler must remain at 40 degrees, so you must pack your food on lots of ice. Consider packing plenty of zip lock bags in your suitcase and filling them at your hotel.

Here are some tips from the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service for safely packing a cooler:

Items which don't require refrigeration include fruits, vegetables, hard cheese, canned meat or fish, chips, bread, crackers, peanut butter, jelly, mustard, and pickles. You don't need to pack them in a cooler.

After estimating the amount of food which needs to be kept cold, pack an insulated cooler with sufficient ice or gel packs to keep the food at 40 °F. Pack food right from the refrigerator or freezer into it.

Why? Bacteria grow and multiply rapidly in the danger zone between 40 °F and 140 °F (out of the refrigerator or before food begins to cook). So, food transported without an ice source or left out in the sun at a picnic won't stay safe long.

If packing a bag lunch or lunch box, it's fine to prepare the food the night before and store the packed lunch in the refrigerator.

Once gel packs and other cold sources melt, perishables are not safe -- discard them.

When taking food to a picnic, don't put the cooler in the trunk; carry it inside the air-conditioned car. At the picnic, keep the cooler in the shade. Keep the lid closed and avoid repeated openings. Replenish the ice if it melts.

NOTE: Outside food is not permitted in the park. Consider eating an early lunch if packing the cooler in the trunk once you arrive at the park.

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