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Serengeti Resort
A Safari Adventure in Good Ol' USA!

Update: The Serengeti Resort has permanently closed.

The Serengeti Resort
"The Heart of Africa in the Texas Hill Country."
408 Fuller Drive, Bergheim 830-816-3600
(Just 30 miles north of the San Antonio city center)

There is nothing quite as picturesque as the Texas hill country. Surrounding San Antonio, you'll find breathtaking views around every bend. And parked in the midst of this landscape is The Serengeti Resort : "Africa in Texas, USA."

An adventurous location for family fun, The Serengeti Resort is tucked so discreetly in the hills, you just might miss it. (Our GPS was very helpful!)

The kitchen's full-sized refrigerator and micro, sans stove and oven, combined with the BBQ on the deck made it possible to enjoy the bungalow and save money on dining out. Exotic African animals were fed right below our deck while we were enjoying our dinner--something the kids will remember forever. The bungalow is also designed with a picture window providing an amazing view of the Serengeti plains, speckled with grazing animals. Each morning you'll awaken to fabulous sunrises--which you can see from your bed!

One of our favorite family adventures was driving the resort's safari cart out onto the plains--without a guide! We felt we were actually in the plains of Africa, without the fear of a lion eating OUR young! Experience the heart-pounding excitement of a giraffe eating right from your hand! Befriend a playful camel or toss a handful of pellets to a curious ostrich. Excitement will permeate this family expedition as you laugh and bond together over the surprises at every turn. Truly a unique safari experience!

NOTE: Some of us were a bit unnerved at the prospect of threading a golf (i.e. safari) cart through the animals' enclosure. Speak to the staff prior to entering to understand the guidelines. When we visited, the ostriches were nesting, so we maintained a safe distance as advised by the staff.

Additional family amenities include: Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, playground, and other animals to see and feed. For Mom and Dad: A fantastic wine selection, romantic dining, and opportunities for privacy.

The resort's friendly, helpful staff not only make sure you feel right at home, but also understand the special needs of families.

Allow for time at the pool when visiting during summer!
Your family will forever cherish this one-of-a-kind experience.

CJ (4): I liked all of the things!
Logan (5): I liked the wildebeest, they were awesome and had funny shaped horns.
Callie (7): Animals are nice and cute.
Krysta (Mom): Family experience of a lifetime, yet, intimate.
Breanna (10): The animals were sooo close up, and it was fun feeding Clyde the camel too.

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