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Information on Paul Walker, of Fast and Furious fame, Crash Site, Death and Investigations

It is with great sadness and respect for these men and their families that we bring this information to you. We understand many fans of Paul Walker will want to show their respects and leave condolences at the crash site in Valencia.

It is in that spirit that we provide this Google map to you of where Paul Walker died.

You probably arrived at this page because you are wondering where in Santa Clarita is the crash site of Paul Walker. You will find the exact location in the Google map above.

Below is an excerpt from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Report:

Los Angeles County Sheriff's traffic collision experts have determined the speed of the vehicle driven by Roger Rodas, that claimed his life and the life of Paul Walker, was between 80 and 93 Miles Per Hour (MPH) at the time the car impacted a power pole and several trees.

"Investigators determined the cause of the fatal solo-vehicle collision was unsafe speed for the roadway conditions," said Commander Mike Parker, North (County) Patrol Division, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The mechanical examination revealed no pre-existing conditions that would have caused this collision. "During the examination, it was determined that an aftermarket exhaust system had been installed which would have increased the engine's horsepower," said Commander Parker. The tires on the car were more than nine years old.

There is evidence that seatbelts were worn by both Mr. Rodas and Walker and that the airbags deployed for both the driver and passenger. "Toxicology tests on both men revealed that neither had used any alcohol or drugs," said Commander Parker.

The traffic collision happened at about 3:26PM on Saturday, November 30, 2013, at Hercules St. at Kelly Johnson Pkwy, which is very near the business park at the 28300 block of Rye Canyon Loop, Valencia, in the city of Santa Clarita. The posted speed limit in the area of the collision is 45 MPH.

...There is no evidence to indicate there was a second car involved in the collision.

The opinion of the Los Angeles County Coroner - Medical Examiner is that Mr. Rodas "died of multiple traumatic injuries. The manner of death is accident." The opinion of the Los Angeles County Coroner - Medical Examiner is that the cause of death of Mr. Walker is "combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries. The manner of death is accident."

Roger Rodas and Paul Walker were friends and business associates. Paul Walker was in Santa Clarita attending a benefit for his nonprofit, Reach Out Worldwide

Updates on Paul Walker's Crash

As the local media provides updates on the investigation of Paul Walker's crash and subsequent death, they will be posted here.

SCV News
Judge: Porsche Not to Blame for Fatal Walker-Rodas Crash

SCV News
Porsche officials blame crash on Rodas and Walker.

Official Traffic Collision Reports from Paul Walker's crash

Be prepared: these are emotionally difficult documents to read. One can't help but wish they could turn back time and prevent this collision.

LA County Sheriff's Department 40-page Traffic Collision Report may be viewed here. The report includes witness statements.

California Highway Patrol's (CHP's) Southern Division Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) Supplemental 70-page report may be viewed here.

So what do we do with our grief?

When someone so young dies suddenly, we are often left with unanswered questions. Most often the question is "Why?" or "How could God allow such a nice person to die?"

It is not our place here at Santa Clarita Guide to answer these questions, but we can point you to a few resources we found helpful:

The first is the story of a tragic loss suffered by a pastor. Here he deals with his own questions and grief when his beautiful grandchildren are first diagnosed with a devastating illness and one consequently dies at a young age. Read more here.

The second is the story of a pastor who visualized a debate with God after watching his young daughter die slowly over a two-week period. Read more here.

And finally, if Paul's young death has started you on a quest to understand God, you can read more here about how to begin a relationship with God. Paul claimed to be a Christian and would want for each of his fans to also know Jesus Christ so you could one day fellowship together in Heaven--as equals! There's no celebrity status in Heaven!

Do You Want to Talk to Someone

Do you want to talk to someone about death, grieving, or how to know God? You may call Insight for Living's Biblical Counseling line to schedule a phone appointment. 972-473-5097, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. central time.

Connect with others who are grieving

Griefshare is a caring group of people who will walk alongside you as you go through the grieving process.

Connect with other Paul Walker fans in your grief

Paul Walker's Official Facebook Page
Updates on tributes, memorials, and Reach Out Worldwide. Also, an opportunity to help others through Paul's charity.

Updated April 19, 2016
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