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New to Southern California

If you're new to LA County, then you'll want to spend some time reviewing this page. We'll point you in the right direction for the things you need to know. In fact, you may become more 'seasoned' than the locals, pointing them in the direction they need when questions arise.

Disaster Preparedness
The Midwest and Great Plains have tornados, the East Coast has hurricanes, and most of the country has blizzards. Here in Southern California we worry about earthquakes, fires, and mudslides. Since 9/11, we all need to know about terrorism preparedness, too. And, of course, there's talk of the Bird Flu. Click on the link above to learn how to be prepared.

Power Outage
Short outages can occur in Santa Clarita.
1. If you have a desktop or tower computer (not a laptop), be sure to install a UPS to protect against surges, blackouts and brownouts. Typically a small UPS is adequate, because most of the time it is a power glitch that causes problems. If the power does goes out, then quickly save your data, close your computer windows, and shut down your computer.
2. Remember, your cordless phone will go out with the power, as will your computer. So have a corded or cellular phone on hand, as well as a battery operated AM radio.
3. Nix the candles, as they are a fire hazard, and install emergency lighting throughout your home. Keep flashlights on hand.
4. Hang on, because power is typically restored quite quickly.

Mountain lions, bear, coyote, rattlesnakes…we've got them all here. Check our Wildlife and Creepy Crawlies pages for more info.

Home Buying
Before putting any money down at the beautiful new house, check out our tips on how to avoid purchasing an uninsurable home, finding out what the taxes will be, and getting a real handle on what the expenses will be for upkeep.

Whether your car dies on the road (call #399 on your cell), you are the target of road rage (call 911 on your cell phone), or you want a traffic report, you'll find it here.

Thomas Guides by Rand McNally are an invaluable resource to southern Californians. If you don't have a navigation system in your vehicle, you'll probably want to keep one of these handy. You'll find them at bookstores, discount stores, office supply stores, and wholesale clubs.

Although scarce, we do see a few here and there. If you'd like to help our homeless, please consider doing so through Bridge To Home.

Finding a Good Doctor
The Medical Board of California outlines the process for choosing a doctor.

Optician, Optometrist, Ophthalmologist…what's the Difference?
An Optician fills prescriptions, an Optometrist screens for eye diseases and writes the prescription, and an Ophthalmologist performs eye surgery.

Salons, Manicures & Pedicures
Before choosing a manicurist, you can check his/her license online at the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. You can also find out on this site what to look out for when having artificial nails applied (MMA), how to avoid a skin infection when getting a pedi spa, and where to file a complaint if necessary.

Dress Codes
Los Angeles has its own dress code, which tends to be more casual and trendy. The experts have shared with us how to decipher the code.

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