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SUMMARY is the web destination for "What To Do" for Valencia and Santa Clarita residents and visitors. Becoming an advertiser on this site provides an opportunity for you to reach a targeted, highly engaged audience that is responsive to products and services that meet their unique interests and needs.

We've been in business since 2005. We're an official information resource to the Santa Clarita Valley. We are here to stay.


On our slowest month, we deliver over 10,000 outbound clicks! Could you use even 1% of those to your site?


These are the statistics for 2015 as reported by Google Analytics:

  • Pageviews: 1,107,613
  • Sessions: 646,558
  • Users: 472,095

In addition, Santa Clarita Guide's RSS feed is available to area websites; our award-winning* monthly e-news reaches 1,300+ subscribers with an above-industry Open Rate as reported by Constant Contact; and our advertisers are considered first for our social media outlets.

* For three consecutive years, Santa Clarita Guide was recognized as "exemplary" by Constant Contact for our ability to engage our customers, and for their positive response. In fact, we have an above average click-rate for our industry. This status is an annual designation that only 10% of their 500,000 international customers achieve. The standards for becoming an All Star this year were tougher than ever, according to Constant Contact.


Santa Clarita Guide has a 4/10 Google Page Rank.


It comes from some very reliable people and businesses that we perform like we say we will. Review our Testimonials page.


Based on Google Analytics, our typical viewer is 36.9% Male/63.1% Female. Over 69% of our viewers are between the ages 18-44, with 42% under the age of 34. According to Google Analytics, some of their top interests are news, shopping, movies, cooking enthusiasts/aspiring chefs, food and drinks, travel/tourism, and real estate.

The unemployment rate in July 2016 for Santa Clarita residents is 5.0%. The median household income in Santa Clarita is $93,135. Of the Santa Clarita Residents, 69% completed at least some college. (SCV Economic Development Corp. 2015).

Santa Clarita Valley's Current Economic Snapshot provided by the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation.


Help! I don't know a cookie from a pageview!
Don't worry, it's really not that hard. We've defined some of those words here and explained why it is important to understand a "hit" from a "pageview" and how to select the best website for your company. After all, you've probably been busy running your own business, not learning web lingo!

You'll find the help you need in our Web Advertising Tips.

Who's online, anyway? Aren't they just a bunch of college kids?
The profile of the folks going online have changed a lot in the past three years. According to the PEW Report, 71% of all adults are online every day and 56% of them are over age 65.

You may view our report here and we provide a link to our data source.

January 5, 2016
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