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Home & Garden Classes

Landscape and Gardening Tips in the SCV

What Should You Do in Your Garden This Month?
Discover the secrets that long-time residents and gardening experts have gleened through the years. Provided by Green Landscape Nursery.

Plant your vegetable garden, care for frost-bitten plants, and select your roses.

Time to plant your edible garden, fertilize, repair your lawn and care for your citrus!

Plant, mulch, feed...and adjust your sprinklers!

Classes for the SCV Gardener

Home & Garden Classes
There are several great resources for homeowners to get gardening know-how in a classroom setting.

Gardening Know-How
Prevent weeds, grow lovely flowers and roses, learn how to prune or plant a tree.

Espalier Know How
Learn how to train and prune your tree properly.

Fabulous Flowers
Tips for planting, edible flowers, and fragrant roses

Trees - Deep planting
Don't plant your tree too deeply!

Weeds-How to Prevent Them
Mulch, pre-emergents, and landscape fabric.

Landscape Ideas
Small Yard? Do you want a cutting garden? These tips and more.

Create Your Own Backyard Resort
How to turn that barren backyard into a five-star resort.

Four Vital Landscape Design Tips
Balance, proportion, variety and repetition--their roles in your landscape design.

Small Yard Magic
Three inventive ideas you can use to create the illusion of a larger garden in a smaller area.

Wildlife in Your Garden
Learn about the animals and crawling critters you may find in your backyard.

Creepy Crawlies
The snakes and spiders you may encounter.

Living with the four-legged critters in Santa Clarita.

Updated March 28, 2017

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