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2018 Holiday Celebrations and Light Displays in the SCV

Best Christmas lights in Los Angeles
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Check out our new Christmas in Santa Clarita page for a listing of all things Christmas in SCV!

Our Calendar of Events provides details and dates of these, and many more, special events in our area.


Click here for a Google map to a self-guided tour of the Christmas lights!

Please help us keep this area updated.
We can't be everywhere, so we will need your help to maintain this list. Please let us know when you visit these homes if they deserve to remain on our list.

If you find a street beautifully decorated, or one house that is just, well, over the top, please let us know so we can add it for all to see. Send an email to:

Driving around town, one can't help but notice the extraordinary light displays put on by private homeowners. As much as we would love to include all of these displays, we are limiting this publication to streets with three or more exceptionally lit homes. See our full criteria here. Here are a few you won't want to miss. We've listed them in order for an easy route to follow. For a real treat, put on a Christmas CD during the drive.

I'd like to pass along a special "thank you" to all of the homeowners who worked so diligently to put together these incredible exhibits. The sparkling displays truly light up our dark, winter evenings.

The Thomas Guide coordinates are provided after the street name. The LA County Guide was used, unless otherwise noted.

For a Google map of the Holiday Lights in SCV, including individual homes and past winners of The Signal's decorating contest, click here.

Wakefield Court aka Candy Cane Lane Santa Clarita CA
View Wakefield Court, Saugus (Santa Clarita) in 360°
Tour One - Saugus/Valencia

View Santa Clarita's Most Award-Winning Christmas Lights in 360°.

Canterwood Drive - Saugus (4460/C4)
The Signal's 2015 Noteworthy Holiday Light Display Located off Copper Hill Drive and N. Buckhorn Lane in Saugus.
Canterwood Drive, Saugus

Silverking Trail - Saugus (4461/B3)
Off Copper Hill Drive: Birch Canyon Way to Silverking Trail. Thanks to one of our viewers!
Silverking Trail, Saugus

21873 Oliva Court Saugus CA 91350
On your way to Wakefield Court, the Rice family would like you to take a small detour and visit their computerized light show. It runs beginning the second week in December to the 31st until 8:30pm on weekdays and 9:30pm on weekends. Tip: Park on this street and walk thru Wakefield Court.
21873 Oliva Court,Saugus

dancing at Wakefield Court
Wakefield Court - Saugus (4461/A4)
The Signal's 2015 Noteworthy Holiday Light Display Although this street has retired from competition, it remains an SCV favorite. Please view the Wakefield Winter Wonderland Facebook page for dates, hours, and updates. Located off Copperhill Drive via Courtland Way. Lights are on from 5-10:30pm Dec 1 - Dec 31. Read The Signal's 2017 article here
Wakefield Court, Saugus

Homestead Place - Saugus (4460/J4)
Located off Copperhill Drive via Paragon Drive
In 2012, one of the homeowners told us that over twenty residences decorate for the "giggles of little ones who come to see the lights." Renamed "Homestead Holiday" for the season, you'll find lights strung across the streets connecting these well-decorated homes.
Homestead Place, Saugus

Ash Court - Saugus (4460/J2)
Off Seco Canyon: Boxwood Lane to Deodar Place to Ash Ct. The whole cul de sac gets in on the act. Theme changes each year.
Ash Court

22112 Altair Ln - Saugus (4460/J2)
South on Deodar Place, east on Boxwood Lane, north on Seco Canyon Rd, east on Discovery Ridge Dr continuing north (road curves north), east on Altair Lane. A viewer wrote in that you must make a side stop 22274 Trinity Place, which is just a 3 minute detour south on Garnet Canyon Dr.
22112 Altair Lane, Saugus

Angelica Place (& Liana Lane) - Valencia (4460/G4)
Lights and music show. Copper Hill Drive to North Park Drive to Angelica Place. One of our viewers wrote in, "these streets are majorly decked out with Christmas lights. Virtually every house on the street had a massive amount of with even a whole village." Thanks, Christie!
Angelica Place, Valencia

Avenida Avila - Valencia
From Copper Hill Drive to Tesoro Del Valle Dr, right on Rancho Tesoro Dr., left on Bernardo Way; second Cul De Sac on the right. One of our viewers wrote in, "Big NOEL across street, 5 to 7 homes on a cul de sac decorated with strand across the street. These were the first neighborhoods featured on NBC4 News with Fritz on 12/1." A viewer wrote in that you must detour one minute south on Mission Trail Lane to Mission Puebla, where the neighbors string lights from one house to another!
Avenida Avila, Valencia

Crown Court Circle - Valencia
27841 Crown Court Circle was The Signal's 2015 Number 5 winner with Candyland Christmas and the street was titled "noteworthy" Located near intersection of McBean and Decoro. The eight houses on this courtyard all get together for an amazing light display. Every Friday night, you can find them outside with Hot Chocolate for anyone who stops by.
Crown Court Circle, Valencia

23813 Claymore Way - Valencia (4460/F6))
If you're coming from Crown Court, go south on McBean Pkwy, east on Decoro Dr, and south on Rutherford Place.
Tune into FM88.7 for comedic versions of pop songs as you watch this light show.
23813 Claymore Way, Valencia

27631 Woodfield Pl - Valencia
The Signal's 2015 Noteworthy Holiday Light Display From Decoro Dr, head north on Grandview Dr, west on Hathaway to Woodfield Place.
Tune to 99.1 FM for a music and lights show.
27631 Woodfield Place, Valencia

Essex Place - Valencia (4460/G6)
Located off Hillsborough Parkway
The Signal's 2015 Noteworthy Holiday Light Display Head north on Grandview, west on Welshfield Way, and you'll find Essex Place and Meraweather Place off Clearidge Dr.
Reindeer Lane: This is the cul de sac where the kids will find all of Santa's reindeer scattered throughout the displays. But be on the watch for Rudolph, because he moves every night!
Essex Place, Valencia

Meraweather Place - Valencia
See directions for Essex Place.
Watch out for elves! They could be hidden anywhere in the cul de sac, along Clearidge Dr, or in any of the cul de sacs off Clearidge!
Meraweather Place, Valencia

Clifton Place - Valencia (4460/G6)
If you follow Grandview Drive north, as the road curves south the name changes to Hillsborough Parkway. You'll find Clifton Place off Hillsborough.
The cul de sac here is fully decorated, with lights strung across the street. This is the location where we're told Edison removed the lights from the street lights.
Clifton Place, Valencia

Blueridge Drive - Valencia (4460/G6)
Located off Hillsborough Parkway
Check out all of the connecting side roads including the loop of Cuestport Drive/Weatherfield Drive (Update: While in previous years this area was fully decorated, there were just a few sporadic homes decorated.)
Blueridge Drive, Valencia

Landon Place - Valencia (4460/G6)
Located off N. Blueridge Drive
You won't miss this incredibly decorated home. Usually we restrict our listings to neighborhoods of at least six homes well decorated, but this home deserves your time to drive over and see it!
Landon Place, Valencia

Littleton Way - Valencia (4460/G7)
If you're coming from Landon Place, follow Hillsborough South across Decoro Dr. Turn west on this small street, which will take you to Chesterfield Court and Shelburne Way
Littleton Way, Valencia

22705/22725 Rio Reyes Ct - Saugus
If you're coming from Littleton Way, head back to Decoro Drive and take it east to Seco Canyon Rd. Take Seco Canyon Rd south to Bouquet Canyon Rd and turn right. Turn right (west) on Festividad Drive and right on Lugar De Oro Dr.
22705 Rio Reyes Court, Saugus

Tour Two - Saugus/Valencia/Stevenson Ranch

Mendoza Drive - Valencia
Rob Miley wrote to tell us 80,000 multi-colored lights and the polar bears make the home at 25815 Mendoza Drive a must see! Also, 25811 Mendoza Drive is decorated with over 50,000 lights, a 30-foot tree on the roof, and music. We're told if you're lucky, you may even be able to watch a Christmas movie. Easiest access is off McBean Parkway, northeast on Arroyo Park Drive, left on Carrizo Drive, right on Mendoza Drive.
Mendoza Drive, Valencia
25828 Mendoza Drive, Valencia

25828 Mendoza Drive - Valencia
The homeowner tells us you'll find a beautiful display of Christmas lights, and the sounds of Christmas, with a beautiful cross on the roof.
25828 Mendoza Drive, Valencia

24112 Tossano Dr - Saugus
Lights and music.
Coming from Mendoza Drive, cross McBean Parkway, west on Arroyo Park Dr, east on Kirstengary Way, southeast on Tossano Dr.
24112 Tossano Drive, Saugus

Reade Place - Stevenson Ranch (4640/B1)
Homes are elaborately displayed on this cul de sac, and colored lights are strung across the street.
Coming from Tossano Dr, go southwest on Arroyo Parkway, south on Spring Hills Drive, west on McBean, and over I-5. The name of the road changes to Stevenson Ranch Parkway. Follow Stevenson Ranch south to Poe Parkway, turning left on Thoreau Way.
Reade Place, Stevenson Ranch

Brooks Circle - Stevenson Ranch (4550/A7)
Colored lights are strung across the street, running much of Brooks Circle, creating almost a 'tunnel' effect.
Coming from Reade Place, follow Poe Parkway northwest to Brooks Circle. One of our viewers suggests you make a detour to 25764 Thurber Way. (accessible from Faulkner Drive or Beecher Lane), where the homeowner has installed over 10,000 lights!
Brooks Circle, Stevenson Ranch

Cotton Blossom Lane/Royal Oaks Rd - Stevenson Ranch
25806 Cotton Blossom Lane is the First Place winner of The Signal's 2016 Holiday Lights Contest
Over 55,000 lights with a snowman blowing snow into the air! Other homes in the area get in on the act, too!
If coming from Brooks Circle, east on Poe Parkway, south on Stevenson Ranch Parkway, west on Pico Canyon Road. Follow Pico Canyon Road to Whispering Oaks Drive.
Cotton Blossom Lane, Stevenson Ranch

24225 Vista Ridge Drive, Valencia
The Signal's 2015 Noteworthy Holiday Light Display Six high school bands are represented along with thousands of lights and other Christmas decorations.
From Cotton Blossom Lane, east on Pico Canyon Road across I-5; road name changes to Lyons Ave. Go north on Wiley Canyon Road, west on Vista Ridge Dr.
24225 Vista Ridge Drive, Valencia

24423 Vista Ridge Drive, Valencia
Thousands of lights cover this home, so be sure not to miss it when on Vista Ridge Drive!
24423 Vista Ridge Drive, Valencia

23717 Adamsboro Drive, Newhall
The Signal's 2015 Noteworthy Holiday Light Display Light and music show. Tune your radio to 107.7 FM.
From Vista Ridge, south on Wiley Canyon Road across Lyons Ave. Go east on Canerwell St, south on Jena Drive to Adamsboro Drive.
23717 Adamsboro Drive, Newhall

Tour Three - Saugus and Canyon Country

27720 Stardale Lane, Saugus
Over 10,000 lights cover the roof, house, and yard! A new addition to our list in 2017.
27720 Stardale Lane, Saugus

26528 Township St
Thousands of lights synced to music featuring Santa's workshop, candy canes and lollipops, and Santa's sleigh and reindeer. New in 2017.
26528 Township Street, Santa Clarita

20008 Drasin Drive, Santa Clarita
The Signal's 2015 Noteworthy Holiday Light Display Lots of lights decorate both front and back of this house!
20008 Drasin Drive, Santa Clarita

17601 Gladesworth Lane, Santa Clarita
The Signal's 2017 Second Place Winner Holiday Lights Contest Lights cover the roof and landscape, a lighted arch hangs over the driveway, oversized snowflakes on the house, and a pair of soldiers guard the entrance. "If Clark Griswold exercised the slightest restraint, this would be his home."
17601 Gladesworth Lane, Santa Clarita

17552 Gladesworth Lane, Santa Clarita
Be sure not to miss this amazing light show with over 8,000 pixels decorating multiple features and the home.
17552 Gladesworth Lane, Santa Clarita

19715 Koji Ct, Canyon Country
1st Place Winner of The Signal's 2017 Holiday Lights Contest (2nd Place 2016) Light and music show from 5-10pm on 94.5 FM.
19715 Koji Ct, Santa Clarita

26439 Misty Ridge Place, Canyon Country
Third Place winner in The Signal's 2016 Holiday Lights Contest 35,000 lights set to music on 107.9 FM.
26439 Misty Ridge Pl, Santa Clarita

26139 Friendly Valley Parkway, Canyon Country
This is an annual tradition with 60' trees lit up that you can see for miles.
26139 Friendly Valley Parkway, Santa Clarita

17226 Anne Freda St, Canyon Country
This home is covered from roof to grass with lights, characters and color. Definitely worth a stop on your tour! New in 2017.
7226 Anne Freda St, Santa Clarita

26408 MacMillan Ranch Road, Sand Canyon
This 8,000 square foot home sits on almost two-acres, so you can imagine the impressive size of the giant blow-up nutcrackers that flank the front of the house. Beautiful lights, both colored and white LEDS, adorn the front. While this isn't a Clark Griswold decorated home, it is definitely worth visiting! This is a gated community.
26408 MacMillan Ranch Road, Santa Clarita

Tour Four - Castaic

28214 Royal Rd Castaic
32451 Sierra Oak Trail, Castaic
The Signal's 2015 Noteworthy Holiday Light Display
32451 Sierra Oak Trail, Castaic

at 28214 Royal Rd, Castaic
After leaving Sierra Oak Trail, take the three minute drive south on the Old Road to check out the adorable surfing puppy in this creative display from Nick and his famiy.
28214 Royal Rd, Castaic

29110 Highplains Ct, Castiac
29110 Highplains Ct, Castiac


KHTS' 2017 Holiday Lights Aerial Tour of Santa Clarita

The Signal's 2017 Holiday Light Contest

The Signal's 2016 Holiday Light Contest, complete with videos.

The Signal's 2015 Holiday Lights Contest.

KHTS 2014 Holiday Light Tour Winners.

The Signal's 2014 video of many of the homes decorated for the holiday.

YouTube video - 300px wide - centered


Holiday in the Park
Get your special discounted ticket here for Six Flags Magic Mountain Holiday in the Park.
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia

Valencia Town Center Drive
Wander through the mall while enjoying the merchants' decorations, visits with Santa and holiday music.
24201 Valencia Blvd, Santa Clarita CA

Light Up Main Street
Shop and stroll among thousands of twinkling white lights and the 23-foot Christmas tree.
24500 Main Street, Newhall

Area Nurseries and Merchants
Of course, any business specializing in silk plants or Christmas trees is a delight to the senses this time of year. Plan ahead for next year, for these can also be great locations to take your family Christmas photo, as they often decorate close to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Green Thumb (Newhall) and The Decor Store (Stevenson Ranch) traditionally offer a plethora of holiday decorations.


Christmas in Santa Clarita Events
A special page has been dedicated to the events in Santa Clarita as these pages grew. Click on the link above for a day-by-day listing of holiday events in Valencia and Santa Clarita.


The Canyon Theatre Guild
Holiday favorites for the whole family.
24242 Main St, Newhall CA

The Nutcracker
Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons
The Santa Clarita Ballet Company presents this classic tale.
26455 Rockwell Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita CA

SCV Candlelight Christmas Concerts
Grace Baptist Church
Ring in the season with a musical celebration featuring the 100-voice adult choir, orchestra, handbells, soloists and special music groups.
22833 Copper Hill Dr, Santa Clarita CA

Master Chorale Concert
Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons
Enjoy the music of the Santa Clarita Master Chorale and the Santa Clarita Children's choir as they sing this year's holiday concert.
26455 Rockwell Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita CA

Holiday Jazz Concert
Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons
This concert is a fantastic way to welcome in the holiday season and features holiday favorites presented by the College of the Canyons Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Lab Bands. The concert will leave you singing all the way to your car!
26455 Rockwell Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita CA

Come Christmas Sing!
This annual concert at The Master's University is a Santa Clarita tradition. Held in the new MacArthur Center (formerly Bross Gymnasium)
21726 Placerita Canyon Road, Santa Clarita CA

Bring the fresh scent of evergreen into your home from one of these excellent Christmas tree lots in the SCV.

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