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Fort Worth Texas
Visiting with a Family

The O'Brien Crew
The O'Brien Crew

Meet Your Tour Guides
Parents, Sean & Krysta
Kids (from left):
Callie (9) holding Genevieve (1)
Logan (7), Caitlin (6)
Breanna (12), Liam (3)

Check out their comments below the article, and their expressions in the photos, and you'll know if your kids will love it, too!

Fort Worth is all Texan, living up to its reputation as "The City of Cowboys and Culture." It's just the place where you and your family can (if even for an afternoon) be immersed in the adventures of the American West you have imagined.

But before heading off with the family to the land of authentic cowboys, read the tips below from the Crew: Mom, Dad, and the kids ages 1 - 12. Mom & Dad will share with you her views from a parent's perspective, and the kids will give you insight about what your kids will like best!

Forth Worth Stock Yards

Mom: This is a must see for the whole family. Streets filled with live horses, ponies, the famed Texas Longhorn cattle, and old fashioned cowboys. Twice a day cowboys on horseback lead a cattle drive through Main Street downtown. You ARE the Western locals as you take in the sites, sounds, smells, dining, and western wear available for purchase. Free admission.

Logan (7): "The Stock Yards are my favorite place to visit!"

Breanna (12): "I love the real horses and horse stables."

Callie (9) and Caitlin (5) delighted in the western-themed restaurants.

Stock Yard Championship Rodeo

Mom: This was a highlight for our children. What fun to see the animals in action! Logan, 7 years, has decided to switch his manhood profession to become a bronco riding cowboy! Hours of entertainment for adults and children!

Liam (3) said the calf chase was his favorite. During the calf chase the school-age children were invited into the arena to chase the calves and attempt to retrieve a ribbon off of two calves' tails. Even little Genevieve, (1) was enthralled with the show.

Dad: "It was remarkable to be so close to the sport of bull riding!"

National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

Mom: Overflowing with Cowgirl honor and spirit with a great message to spread that the true spirit of a cowgirl is anyone living a life of courage, resilience, and independence. Our little ladies sure enjoyed this museum and so will yours!

Beautiful building filled with art work that paints the picture for the whole family to enjoy. There are great interactive activities for your cowgirls and cowboys. Our children loved playing on the bucking bronco simulator, the pony models they were allowed to climb on, and the exhibits showing authentic cowgirl boots and saddles.

Before you leave make sure you stop at the Discovery Corral where your cowgirls and cowboys can imagine being back in the day with the camp fire and the cook shanty.

Cowgirl Callie (9) says, "it was neat to see generations and generations of cowgirls."

Fort Worth Zoo

Mom: A unique, hands-on way for the kids to experience Texas through interactive displays is at Texas Wild! located inside the Fort Worth Zoo. Here guests visit diverse landscapes of this great state. Unique opportunities include walking through a tornado-demolished house in the High Plains & Prairies, a turn-of-the-century Texas Town with a play barn and hands-on exhibits, and an abandoned saw mill in the swamps of East Texas-all while learning about the native wildlife. Splashing and play opportunities provided in Texas Town.

The Fort Worth Zoo is ranked one of the top five zoos in the nation by USA Travel Guide and the number one attraction in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex by Zagat Survey U.S. Family Travel Guide. Our kids agreed!

Breanna (12): "You feel like you are in the animal's home and country."

Logan (7): "I liked seeing all the unique animals God made. My favorite was seeing the bears so close."

Liam (3): "The animals have cool toys."

About the Crew

The Crew currently resides in Dallas, Texas, so watch for further updates from them as they continue to explore Fort Worth and provide practical tips for families. Updates will also be posted by Santa Clarita Guide editors as they venture to Fort Worth, providing perspectives for adult-only itineraries.

Updated August 27, 2012
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