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We absolutely love what we do...bringing the info you need to your fingertips--whether you are on the road, at work, or at home.

Santa Clarita Guide was launched in 2005 as an online-only publication. Today, our fully-responsive site brings current information to your fingertips--whether you're looking for a good deal, something to do or a creative date night. We are making daily updates to this site so you know you can rely upon it.

Parents, our site is safe for your children to peruse, seeking fun things to do here in the SCV. We commit to you that we are a 'family-friendly' site. (Of course, parents must determine what is age-relevant for their children.)

And we are passionate about Santa Clarita, the wonderful place this is to visit, live and work. Because of this, we are continually networking our clients, viewers, callers, and visitors & residents of the Santa Clarita Valley. We know that by doing so, we will be doing our small part to grow a strong economy here, which is a win for every one!

Sadly, Dave's full time work in California has ended and we have since left our beloved Santa Clarita and relocated to the great state of Texas. However, our heart will always remain with our friends in Santa Clarita, and we maintain our commitment to network people and businesses with one another. Thank goodness for the digital age which makes it all possible!

Join us as we work together to lend a hand to our neighbors and friends who strive every day to build the best Santa Clarita possible!

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Debra Krubsack (Bio)

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Debra Krubsack

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Contact Us
We love to hear from viewers. If you have found our site useful or have suggestions on how the site can be made more helpful to you, feel free to send us an email and we will consider implementing your suggestions where appropriate in future revisions of the site. Please understand we do not compensate for suggestions.

You may have noticed we have removed specific email addresses from our site. To control the spam we were receiving, we have included just one generic email address. The person you want to reach will reply with his/her direct email address.

Why Did We Develop ""?
"We'll move anywhere but California, specifically Los Angeles."

That's what we told every recruiter that called to entice Dave to a new job. Why? Because Midwesterners absolutely know one thing about California: some day the entire state will crack off into the ocean.

And yet here we are. Because one person in Human Resources convinced us to come and take a look.

We made that move in 2000 to Santa Clarita from Wisconsin. While we were excited about the new climate and adventure before us, we were overwhelmed with decisions. As we were also first-time home buyers, we were treading new ground. After several years, we've learned to navigate our way through our environment and wanted to share what we've learned with others. We hope our discoveries make your life a little easier.

Do We Offer a Print Publication?
For a couple of years in the mid 2000s, Debbie was writing for local publications. Often she was asked, "Is this online?" So we decided there were enough print publications but not enough information was available online. So we set to work creating one of the first online publications with photos, written for the average Joe. (Hard to believe, isn't it?)

Remember, that was back in the day when we were laughed at for owning a "dot com"!

Today we've continued the tradition of providing our information on the web and not in print. That said, if you would like to print off the information for your personal use, be our guest!

Where Do We Get Our Information?
What you see on the Santa Clarita Guide comes from a variety of sources. Much of the editorial has come through years of research and interviewing specialists in their field, both government and private sector. Some of it is the result of media visits, where a destination has hosted us in full, or in part, to experience a resort or community and bring the information back to you. And some of the travel experiences were our own, paid vacations.

Product reviews are the result of a company sending us, sometimes on loan, a new product that we feel may be of interest to you.

Other information is here simply because we believe you would want to know about it. And lastly, some of the listings and photos are paid advertisements.

One may ask, "What if a company hosts you on a trip or sends you a product that, frankly, doesn't live up to the hype?" The answer is simple: We don't list it on the site. We have a motto: "If we can't say anything positive, we don't say anything at all." And we won't knowingly mislead you.

Our goal is to bring to you the information you want, in a clean and easy to navigate fashion.

We'd love to know if we've met your expectations, so please drop us a note at

Want to Join our Team?
If your passion is connecting and promoting business owners or sharing information with other SCV residents, drop us an email.
We're often looking for friendly folks to contribute stories or showcase their photography of Santa Clarita.

Before submitting materials for publication, please contact us at

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