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12 Months to Personal Preparedness - September

Earthquakes, floods and wildfires are frightening experiences for most of us. Fear is a natural human reaction to natural disasters and other events that hit suddenly and seem to threaten our safety, our loved ones, and our daily lives. Terrorists use this natural reaction to multiply the effect of their actions in order to advance their political or social goals. Like bullies in the schoolyard, terrorists want to intimidate and frighten others to get their own way

The terrorists are not in charge. We have control over our peace of mind and can help ensure our safety by taking some of the same actions that we would take to prepare for earthquakes, floods, or fires. We can also contribute to the safety of others by becoming more aware of our surroundings and reporting suspicious activities or items to local officials.

What You Can Do Now
Preparing for terrorist attacks is the same as preparing for earthquakes, fires, and other emergencies. It all starts with a family emergency plan.

Whether you are at home, at work, or in a public place, think of how you could leave quickly and safely. Locate stairways and emergency exits. Pay attention to posted evacuation signs in buildings, subways, and crowded public areas.

Out-of-state contact
Think how you will get in contact with your family if you become separated. Choose an out-of-state contact that your family members or friends can call to check on each other.

Meeting Place
Decide where you and family members will meet if the emergency affects your home, or if officials have to evacuate your neighborhood.

School Plans
Learn the emergency plans at your children's schools, and make sure the school has your updated emergency contact information. Give written permission to a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up your children from school or day care in case you cannot get there on time.

Preparation for children
Teach your children what to do in an emergency, and make sure they know their own names and addresses, as well as the full names and contact information for parents and a second adult emergency contact.

Acts of terrorism may result in little physical damage, but they can bring fear, confusion, and uncertainty into everyday life. It is important to understand that strong emotional reactions to such events are normal. Reestablish daily routines for work, school, play, meals, and rest. Work with the support networks within your community.

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