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12 Months to Personal Preparedness - June

What you can do now to plan a safe trip.
Whether it is a weekend away or a vacation of a lifetime, a little time away from home can be full of fun and adventure. In a post 9/11 world, the prospect of traveling may seem frightening for some people. The good news is that with a little extra planning and attention to detail, vacations and business trips can still be safe and enjoyable.

It is important to be alert and observant. We should always be aware of our surroundings and report any suspicious activities to the authorities. In selecting routes and destinations, we should avoid locations where there is active hostility. It is always wise to be knowledgeable about the destination of travel, to plan the trip carefully, and to be courteous to guests when traveling.


Travel Documentation

  • Copy travel documents.
  • Keep separate.
  • Give a copy to family or friend not traveling with you.

Safe Orientation

  • Carry a map at all times.
  • Know your location of "Safe Havens" (Police, Fire, EMS, Hospitals, etc). Mark them on your map prior to embarking on your trip.

Personal Safety

  • Wear nondescript clothing.
  • Carry nondescript luggage: ­Careful about tags and stickers
  • Avoid the appearance of a tourist (carrying cameras, luggage, etc).
  • Carry a piece of hotel stationary with you for address and phone number.
  • Carry all essential personal items with you at all times: ­i.e., passport w/visa.
  • Carry or put in hotel safe: ­Checkbook, credit cards, cash, undesirable ID (military, religious, associations, etc.).


Group Traveling

  • When traveling with a group, stay together.
  • Designate one or more meeting points to reunite.
  • When in a place of public assembly, position yourself: away from windows, near an exit.
  • Know where the closest exit or cover is at all times.
  • Avoid restaurants and social places that cater to Americans.
  • If attack occurs, hit the ground-DO NOT RUN!
  • Lie on your stomach with your feet and knees together and soles facing the attack.



  • Allow extra time at airports for security: always pack your own bags.
  • Do not accept items others ask you to pack.
  • Limit time in ticket area by traveling off-peak hours.
  • Limit time in unsecured concourse areas: i.e. shopping or eating areas
  • Report any suspicious bag or package seen: ­Move away from the object, notify security
  • Sit close to your assigned gate away from windows.

On the Aircraft

  • Request exit aisle seats or rear seats near aisle.
  • Know where the exits are at all times.



  • Hail your own taxis.
  • Always request a taxi or shuttle that maintains appropriate credentials.
  • Use hotel for reliable transportation sources.


  • Rental car; keep gas tank as full as possible.
  • Park facing out, in order to pull out, not back out.
  • Circle car prior to entry, look for suspicious activity in your car or near you.
  • Keep the windows up and doors locked.
  • Travel on high traffic roads.
  • Be cautious of slow-moving vehicles or cars attempting to limit your movements.


  • Check your rearview mirror frequently.
  • If someone is following you, proceed to one of the "Safe Havens" marked on your map (mentioned in Personal Safety-Safe Orientation).
  • Vary the routes you travel.


Hotel Basics

  • Obtain a room between the second and sixth floor
  • Enter and exit hotels at varied times, and using varied entrances and exits.
  • Know emergency exits and routes.
  • Secure all personal documents in room safe or hotel safe.
  • Keep ALL room keys with you at all times.
  • Keep doors and windows locked at all times.
  • Never open the door to unknown individuals.

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