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Santa Clarita Guide, an official Los Angeles, California resource, has been bringing information to your fingertips since 2005. We continually update our information so we are bringing to you the most current information on the entire valley--not just the City of Santa Clarita. Are you visiting Santa Clarita and looking for a calendar on all the things there are to do while you're visiting? Have you just moved to Santa Clarita and you'd like to know the things your realtor and government officials won't tell? We uncover the secrets that no one likes to talk about; just check out our "What the Locals Know" section under Living in Santa Clarita.

Are you considering moving to Santa Clarita and want to know the best neighborhood for you and your family? Check out our Communities section under Living in Santa Clarita.

Are you visiting with family who will be at Six Flags and you're looking for something else to do? We'll point you to the fun things to do in SCV that do not involve theme parks.

Are you interested in viewing a full list of restaurants so you can decide what tickles your fancy tonight? Or would you like to tour the world via our local restaurants? Download our passport challenge in our Restaurants section.

Did you want to find the local information that's probably not in the visitor guide? Check out our Local Resources in the Plan section. If you'd like to order a visitors guide, we'll tell you how.

Whether you're living here now, moving here, or just visiting for the amazing Christmas lights we have in December, we'll share with you how to have a great time. We've been doing this for over a decade right here at the web was king. And we are still doing it.

We are your trusted resource because we don't have any hidden agendas. We just lived in Santa Clarita for ten years and will share with you all that we know. Have a tough question you don't know who to ask--like where does most of the crime happen in Santa Clarita? We'll tell you.

Welcome to Santa Clarita Valley!

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