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Have a Question? Check out our FAQ's Below

How soon will my listing be added?
Within one business day of receiving your information and payment your listing will either be posted or you will be contacted for additional information.

What will the expiration date of my coupon/special offer be?
Your expiration date will coincide with the expiration date of your package but, at your discretion, may renew monthly with your package.

Can I set my expiration date for a shorter period of time?
Your initial expiration date must, at minimum, be the date your package expires. However, you may extend the expiration date. A way around this is to pay a small change fee within your package term by clicking here.

May I try running just a special offer/coupon?
Coupons and special offer listings are only available to post through the purchase of a package.

I would like to run a coupon for a single event. May I do this?
Yes, however it still must be part of a package price. Once the event has passed, or just before, fill out a change form and pay the $29 one-time fee and we will change your coupon listing.

How do I change my coupon offer?
Simply submit the information to us here and select the $29 One-time fee option. Once we receive the updated information and notification from PayPal, we will make your requested changes.

If I cancel my coupon, will I receive a credit for the months it is not posted?
Pro-rated credits are not provided for ads that are removed. Therefore, we recommend you selecting another listing, either on the coupon page or another page.

Why do you charge a fee to change my ad?
This fee covers the cost of our team member making the change for you. Simply click here to request a change.

What happens at the end of my package when my coupon expires?
Your special offer/coupon will automatically renew with your package on a month-to-month basis, unless you cancel the recurring payment. Once we receive notification from PayPal that your renewal payment has processed, we will change the renewal date on your coupon for the next expiration. You will not be notified by Santa Clarita Guide that this process has occurred. To avoid being charged for an additional month, you must cancel your special offer/coupon at least 30 days prior to renewal.

May I add multiple listings within my advertising package?
Each package submitted comes with a set number of listings. You may choose from business listings or coupon listings within that package.

We are a nonprofit, religious organization, or club. Do we still need to pay the associated fee?

My business is already listed, but I would like to make a change to the wording or the location of the listing. How do I do this?
For minor corrections to existing listings we charge a one-time $29 fee. Simply visit this page to process your request.

My business address, link, or phone number is incorrectly listed on the current coupon. Must I pay a fee to correct this?
Because we must respond within 24 business hours to all paid listings, the quickest way to correct the information is by paying the one-time administrative fee. However, it is important to Santa Clarita Guide that we provide correct information on our site. Therefore, while a paid submission is the quickest way to trigger a correction, you may send an email to and we will make every effort to correct the information as quickly as possible. Please allow up to ten business days.

I'm a small business just getting started. Can't you just help me out for free?
We understand the needs and financial crunch of small businesses; after all, we're one, too! But to be fair to all, because most of the businesses in SCV are small businesses, we need to treat every business the same.

Can I call you to discuss your policy with you? I believe I may have a better way for us to work together.
To offer these low rates, we no longer offer customer service via telephone until an ad package has been selected and paid. However, we welcome your comments and suggestions via email to

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